NPSG offers Buildout Services for e-fulfillment warehouse facilities and assists customers with virtually every aspect of preparing the facility for use. 

On average, a full warehouse buildout takes 36 – 45 weeks to complete. Warehouse buildouts are initially staffed with a Project Manager, Inventory Manager, Material Handler, and Staffing Manager. 3 – 5 NPSG “Subject Matter Experts” (i.e. IT, stations, signage) are then added to the project as implementation begins. As implementation ramps up, NPSG will then supplement its team with 25 – 30 seasonal employees from the local labor market. Below are key Buildout Services that NPSG provides broken out by warehouse area:


At the onset of a project, NPSG will staff the location with a crew that is tasked with receiving, unloading and inventorying all of the “non-inventory” (items that are not being resold to customers) items and managing that inventory throughout the buildout process, which is typically 6 – 9 months.

As NPSG’s customers’ needs grow, the Company repeats the implementation and optimization steps. In addition, NPSG may need to tweak the original designs based on any changes in the business.