Consulting & Design

We can help you define a clear vision for success and a real-world plan for executing on the vision. Our understanding of warehouse trends and emerging technologies, combined with our hands-on experience installing MHE equipment, robotics systems, racking, conveyance, fulfillment, and safety systems means you can be confident you’ll get your vision done.

We’ll cast the right design team who will minimize risk and costs by modeling solutions that meet your objectives and help solidify the right plan before any investments in technologies and projects occur.

3D Building Scans & surveys

Is your facility and site plan ready for execution? What challenges need to be addressed to ensure success? Our detailed and accurate assessment of your facility is your insurance for implementation success. We test designs with an accurate 3D picture of your facility to assure it is ready for implementation and exactly what will be needed to assure success.


What are the requirements and standards that will ensure successful execution? Our engineering team will bring the technical, electrical, and control expertise to the project so it meets every requirement and standard supporting every system and installation.

Fabrication & Prototyping

Can’t find what is needed off the shelf? Are there gaps that need specialized fabrication? Need a special conveyance or racking part but don’t see any off the shelf solutions? Our in-house fabrication capability can help fill in gaps by creating the necessary parts and materials to successfully complete implementation. Having an in-house capability avoids major bottlenecks and delays due to inability to find specific materials.

Equipment Assembly/

NPSG Global has extensive experience partnering with a wide array of material handling OEMs. Our on-the-ground experience installing MHE equipment in over 200 million facility square feet with a 100% successful track record means you can have 100% confidence what is planned will be executed.

Controls & Software

What ties your ERP, WCS, and warehouse management systems together into a seamless and efficient operation? Our engineer team will make sure the design leverages your existing investments and systems.