Excellence through Safety, Safety through Commitment!

NPSG Global Health and Safety Policy

NPSG Global places the highest priority on the safety and health of our people, contractors, and visitors. Our Health and Safety management system is based on operational excellence with a commitment to continuous improvement.

We will continually improve our performance by designing and adapting processes, systems, and work practices.  We will comply with all relevant health and safety legislation and all other statutory health and safety requirements.  We will continue to develop and implement training programs to ensure that our people are provided with the information, instructions, and training in order to comply with these requirements and to optimize safe working practices. We will disseminate health and safety information to our employees, contractors, and clients touched by our operations.

We realize that sustained success can only be achieved through people and that each individual has a specific responsibility regarding health and safety in the workplace.  People at all levels have a responsibility to lead business operations with health and safety foremost in their thoughts and actions and to demonstrate, through their leadership, that NPSG is committed to the safety of all our people.  Everyone has a responsibility to respect our safety procedures and to work in a manner which does not put their safety or the safety of others at risk.  All individuals, no matter the position in the company, are empowered to speak up if there is any concern related to safety and to put a task on hold or to Stop Work.

It will remain our focus to improve health and safety performance by establishing clear and measurable targets and objectives through auditing, reviewing, monitoring and reporting on our performance.

NPSG Global Environmental Policy

NPSG Global conducts business in a socially responsible and ethical manner, works to protect people and the environment, and supports human rights in order to benefit the communities in which we work.

Everywhere we work, we put people at the center of everything we do. We are committed to prioritizing safety, developing our workforce, and respecting the environment.Our environmental principles define our commitment to doing business in an environmentally responsible manner as we believe that protecting the environment is an integral part of our decisions in all our global operations.

We will use our business processes to identify and manage risks to the environment and reduce potential environmental impacts throughout all our operations.