William “Tad” Selby

Tad Selby is the CEO and co-founder of NPSG.

He and Eric Obrokta have grown the company from a start-up to an international company working in North America, Europe, Australia and South America. His background is in accounting and finance, and he began his career with KPMG in the corporate tax practice, which included being one of the key members of the Home Depot client team. He later served as tax and treasury manager for US Security Associates and most recently, CFO for BeavEx, a national transportation provider for 9 years. Tad has a BA in Finance from Emory University and an MBA from Georgia Tech.

Eric Dean Obrokta

Eric Obrokta is the President and co-founder of NPSG.

He and Tad Selby together have grown NPSG Global into one of the world’s most experienced, sought-after e-fulfillment facilities buildout vendors. Eric started his career in the golf management industry at several clubs in and around Atlanta. In 2003, he began working in property management with Seefried Properties, now one of the largest developers of e-commerce warehouse facilities in the country. Most recently, Eric ran the Florida operations of an industrial janitorial firm based in Atlanta. Eric has a BS in Biology from Old Dominion University.