Our client, a Major e-Retail Fulfillment Center Startup Manager, discusses our response to a critical situation


“The first day I met Eric and NPSG, I was working on a project involving robotics implementation in California. One of my counterpart PMs was working on a similar project in Texas. I was supposed to go first in California, but due to weather delays in construction, Texas pushed ahead of me by a week.

That startup PM just…wasn’t strong. A lot of the stuff he said had been done was nowhere near done. They hadn’t given good direction to anybody. So they flew me in to help because I’d done all the work on the pilot project.

My directive was simple, ‘Anything that has to do with getting the floor up and running, fix it.’

I got in on a Friday night and said, ‘Okay, I need some guys to make this happen.’ They were like, ‘There’s this guy named Eric upstairs putting fence in.” It was a rescue job they took on when the initial vendor didn’t work out. I’d just installed fencing in California, so I knew the specs. For safety, these things are measured in fractions and placement has to be exact. I looked at the fencing NPSG already put in, and I mean it was already over a football field’s worth, and I could tell it was 6-9 inches too far into the field. They’d simply been working with the specs they were given.

I said, ‘Hey, man. My name’s Dave. Sorry, but all this is too far in. You’re going to have to move all this out 9 inches.’ Eric was like, ‘Are you serious?’ But he didn’t give me any crap. He just said, ‘Hey, everybody, stop what you’re doing. Pull all this fence and move it this way.’

From that point, he and I walked around the site for 51 hours straight. We never left until opening on Monday. His guys would rotate, but Eric stayed with me the whole time. NPSG’s guys were going up on scissor lifts to help the low voltage guys pull wires and deploy stuff. I was pointing out everything that needed to be addressed.

After that, I was like, ‘I want him on every one of my projects.’”